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 Wings Lanyard System


    Calls and accessories not included                             info/buy             video 

   Keep your expensive caller, decoy and dog trainer remotes attached and dry

  Two point call attachment

   Adjustable call drops lock on for secure grip

  Attach up to 4 calls and a remote or whistle

  Soft lightweight, yet strong polyester webbing for comfort and years of use

X-treme Wings Lanyard System


          calls and accessories not included                                 info/buy 

               Attach up to six calls or add                    Adjustable overall length  
               drops as desired  
               Calls can be clipped onto                        Two point call attachment  
               clothing or strapping
               Waterproof money/license                       Adjustable drop lengths 
               holder included
               Soft light weight polyester                       Calls lock on for secure grip 

Snap Shot™ Shot Gun Sight

   Improves accuracy by forcing the gun up and your
   head down to eliminate peeking, similar to a scope

   Instant target acquisition, if it's in the sight it's
   history, which allows faster more accurate shots

 Enhances any existing sight system or works great

 Patented design snaps onto most shotgun barrels
   vent rib or smooth barrel


      Call Retractor

                 Works with almost any call 
                 Two point call attachment

                 Clips onto clothing or strapping

                 Great for layout blinds


           Call not included                                                            info/buy
          Upland/Trainer Lanyard System

       accessories not included                                                info/buy

      Keep your expensive trainer remote attached

     Remotes and whistles can be quickly detatched

     Whistle attachment can be clipped onto clothing or equipment 

      As seen In Pheasants Forever

 Call Saver


      Can be clipped onto lanyards, clothing 
      or equipment strapping

      Adjustable  length

      2 point call attachment

      Will not puncture waterproof fabric

      Secure grip

      Quickly attaches to calls

             Call not included                                                         info/buy


EZ Access™ ry


                                              remote not included             info/buy