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 Tom Lanyard System

      Keep your calls organized and accessible even
     while sitting
    Calls can be changed out quickly as desired

    Works great with or without a vest, perfect for 
    run and gunning

    Striker drops can be clipped onto the lanyard,
    clothing, or strapping

    Now includes our accessory cradle that allows 
    attachement of any slate call or range finder

    accessories not included                                        info/buy

Snap Shot™ Shot Gun Sight

   Improves accuracy by forcing the gun up and your
   head down to eliminate peeking, similar to a scope

 Instant target acquisition, if it's in the sight it's
    history, which allows faster more accurate shots

 Enhances any existing sight system or works great

 Patented design snaps onto most shotgun barrels
    vent rib or smooth barrel


Accessory Retractor



  accessories not included                                           info/buy    

   Great for range finders, slate calls, and other gear

   Clips onto clothing or equipment strapping or has belt attachment

   Heavy duty design with a quick detach buckle


   Tom Chest Organizer System 

    Attach up to 2 pot calls or diaphragm
    boxes and strikers at a time

    Stow a pot call and up to 4 strikers
    or other essentials in the pockets

    Can be worn with provided neck strap,
    on a belt, or binocular a harness

    Calls can be detached and changed out
    as desired 

     Low  profile design

           accessories not included                                   info/buy

            Striker Retractor

            Clips onto clothing or equipment

            Quickly attaches to any striker

            28" pull length

        striker not


         Striker Saver

           Quickly attaches to any striker
           Adjustable drop length 

           Clips onto clothing or equipment strapping

           Can be worn as a lanyard

           Secure grip

         striker not included                                                info/buy

  Decoy Stake Pouch

            Never lose your decoy stakes
          Keep your stakes handy and accessible

          Folds in half when empty

          Accomadates most sizes of stakes

           stakes not included                                                  info/buy


                  Allows better grip with gloves

               Quiets slate calls to reduce noise

               Protects Slate calls and other gear
               Doesn't affect call tones

          call not included                                                   info/buy

    Long Box Holster

            Stores one long box call
           Can be attached to belts or strapping
           Secure closure
           Snug fit  to silence call

           call not included                                                 info/buy

                     EZ ACCESS™ RY

                  Clip your favorite accessory to your 
                to your belt or equipment strapping

                Quick attach and detach

                Fits belts up to 1 1/2 inch

                works great for calls or remotes

       call not included                                                      info/buy