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Big Game Lanyard System

Keep your small gear quiet and within reach just inside
your jacket or vest

Great for range finders and other electronics

Calls can be attached to clothing or strapping

Never have to dig in big pockets or packs at critical moments

Soft lightweight polyester webbing for comfort

Great for many items as shown

     calls and accessories not included                                         info/buy

Game Call Retractor

        Attaches just about anywhere                                         Locks on

call not included                                                        info/buy

EZ Access™  Bugle Sling


  Can be worn as a sling or strap                      Partial or complete detachment
  Can be attached to packs or equipment        Quick detach buckles on both ends
  Pull adjustment for fit                                      Soft lightweight polyester webbing

         Bugle not included                                                            info/buy

            EZ Access™ry

        Attach your accessories to your belt or
        equipment strappping

        Quick attachment for field use

        Great for calls or remotes

        Fits belts or webbing up to 11/2 inch

       range finder not included                                                     info/buy

                Accessory Cradle
     Stretches around any range finder, slate call, or
      other gear

      Female quick connect buckle allows attachment
      to our lanyards and gear

       Easily removeable

   accessories not included                                                      info/buy

     Rifle Clip Pouch         
                           Holds one rifle clip

                           Fits belts up to 2"

                           Keep an extra clip
                           handy and accessible
                           for critical moments

            clip not included                                                                info/buy

   Slide on
        Slides onto lanyards or 3/4" watch bands